Mar. 8th, 2012

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Obsession continues apace! I have been following hockey, going to hockey games, reading hockey fic, and even (just a little) writing hockey fic. Whew! I've also been trying to be less of a total lurker lately, partly because hockey fandom is so wonderfully friendly. So hi to anyone new! Or anyone who's come over here to figure out who that random person popping up is.

First, a question for hockey fandom people. Does anyone know what happened to [ profile] faithbeckett? Her journal is gone and her fic has disappeared from [ profile] 2mins4slashing. I don't actually know her, but I loved her fic and "Any Way You Want It" (the Crosby/Ovechkin one with the concussion) in particular was one of my comfort fics, so I'm really sad if it's gone forever.

Now, game reports!

1/10/12: Ottawa Senators 5, Pittsburgh Penguins 1. /o\ )

3/7/12: Pittsburgh Penguins 3, Toronto Maple Leafs 2. Super Mario! )

I have a whole bunch of other hockey thoughts to share -- being Stockholmed by announcers, flinching at jerseys, going to games by myself, my dad's thoughts on the relative attractiveness of hockey players -- but I think I'll close here, since this is already long, and attempt to post again before the next blue moon.


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