Date: 2013-01-16 09:52 pm (UTC)
lannamichaels: Astronaut Dale Gardner holds up For Sale sign after EVA. (Default)
I'm like that with films, too. I basically read Entertainment Weekly so I don't have to watch stuff, and I will outright refuse to watch stuff based on the content or spoilers. I don't care how good some movie might be, I'm not watching some sutff, you know? I have no interest in encouraging Hollywood's bad habits.

-- and since I found them incredibly creepy, I was really unhappy about that.

The narrator agrees with you that they are a creepy cult that needs to be stopped and isnt sure they can be. ;) Although it probably does lead to the interesting question of if the *narrative* agrees... it's all very unreliable. ;) Like, he runs into them EVERYWHERE, but he's tyler durden, he knows them, he has habits, they know him and they're following him around. Project Mayhem might be as big as it seems, or the narrator's world is just that small and controlled. It's in Tyler's interest to keep the narrator thinking it's inevitable, it's the new normal, *it's what you wanted, isnt it*, and just submit.

So it's Tyler vs Narrator, but there's also the narrative thrown in, it's not linear, the entire story is the narrator talking to Tyler with a gun in his mouth, talking about living forever through the power of mythology and the narrator saying, I'll be your myth-spreader.

There's also the factor that Tyler has no intention of dying; the explosives are mixed with parafin and Tyler knows it won't work - as the narrator says, parafin has never worked for me. There might be some aubconscious control going on there, too.

But anyway the point is, I totally understand not liking it because of all the violence and misogyny (that whole thing about being a generation of men raised by women, whose fathers had bailed, aka god bailed), and especially not if it had been built up as this amazing mindblowing movie. I mean, I watched Inception and thought it was good for an action movie, but it's not like it was blow your mind profound, it was just an action movie.

Few movies are as good as their hype, I think, and most movies probably disappoint because of it when, if they hadnt been so overhyped, they wouldnt have built up expectations to disappoint.

That said, I'm not actually sure of a movie that's legitimatly as good as the hype. FOTR, maybe?

(I think Fight Club *wanted* to be a Tarantino film, now that you mention it. And, ugh , Pulp Fiction. Another movie where it's like "...why's this movie so famous?")
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