Date: 2012-08-09 01:26 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] sylleptic
Yes! Still alive, but keeping even weirder hours than usual. ;-) And I've gotten a lot of mileage out of that costume, haven't I?

About the Aeslin mice, someone asked if she was going to write more with them, and she said there were/would be a few short stories, I think, and they'd be in the later books, too. She went on to say that they're cuteness and hilarity wrapped around a deadly serious dark center. (Which is very her.) Because the thing about the mice is that they remember everything. It's all sacred to them and they turn it into a silly ritual, but they remember everything. So when you need to know how great-grandpa defeated the Questing Beast, or whatever, what you do is ask the mice. And if you need to know how great-grandpa didn't defeat the Questing Beast and got eaten, you also ask the mice. She said that in one of the later books, Antimony will have to go out to do something big and she won't be able to take any mice with her, and this is terrifying for the family, because it means that if something happens to her, they won't know. They'll have no idea what happened, she just won't come back.

That fascinated me when she said it at the Q&A session, and I definitely read with more of an eye on the mice than I would have otherwise. (Because as you say, they're a little grating if they don't have a purpose.) The thing is that I didn't notice them going with Verity into the sewers. So either I missed that, or Verity doesn't notice them, or she doesn't think it's worth mentioning. In any case, I loved the idea, but I'm a little confused in the execution.

Oooh, I like that explanation for the Dorothy verse! I'm keeping it. And that solves my problem: I am totally fine saying that movie-verse Dorothy fits the paradigm of the song. Also, I kind of want to reread Oz books now, though I'm a little worried they won't live up to my childhood love.

That's really interesting about Mulan. The movie version really is very Alanna-like; I had no idea the traditional tellings were so different. And cultural dialogues of gender construction are fascinating!

Hurrah, paying job!! And oh dear, moving is always terrible. Good luck with that and the visa application, and do let me know if you're coming back to the States for a bit.
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