Sep. 25th, 2011

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So, sometime last spring, I managed to pimp myself into hockey RPF fandom (I am...easy like that), which revived my dormant sports fan tendencies, so I started actually watching hockey again. Unfortunately, I have terrible timing, and all of this happened right at the end of the playoffs. I did manage to catch the Stanley Cup Finals! And I was home for the summer by then, so I even got to watch them on my parents' nice big screen TV. Now I'm off in grad school and have no television, so I can't watch very much. But! I also now live in a city with an actual NHL team! A pretty good one, at that.

Late Wednesday night, I decided on a whim to check out the student rush tickets my housemate E had mentioned. And it turned out they were selling them online for the preseason (no waiting in line and risking not getting in, very nice), but there was only one home game left. Which was, of course, the next night. Did that stop me? Ha.

Which means that on Thursday, Housemate L and I went to see the Chicago Blackhawks play the Pittsburgh Penguins. It was so much fun! Almost none of the real Hawks or Pens were playing (and by "real" I of course mean the small subset of players whose names or numbers I've learned from fic), but the game was still really cool. And the Pens won, 4-1, which was nice for the home crowd, though I'd have been fine either way. I have some pictures, but I can't figure out how to include them here -- if anyone wants to advise, that would be awesome!

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I managed to suppress most of my fannish geeking out, so Housemate L didn't think I was too weird. Except when I commented sadly on them still having Talbot jerseys in the souvenir store....

Housemate E, who couldn't make it, texted me before the game "Ogle at Sidney Crosby for me please". I promised I would ogle for both of us, but had to text her after and tell her I was forced to settle for ogling Jordan Staal, since Sid was nowhere to be seen. She responded, "Staal is an acceptable substitute." Housemates: not fannish, but still awesome.

(Also, apparently I do not understand the Dreamwidth posting interface. I hope this works right this time.)


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